We are NOT taking any new members at present.
Please check back in the first week of May, 2019
to see if we are able to take new members again.
For renewal, please call. Thank you.

The following payment options are available:
  1. PayTM (Using Debit/Credit Card):
    Use our mobile number - 9674873141 - in the PayTM App on your mobile, or on a PC/Laptop to remit money. You can use any Debit or Credit Card issued by any bank in India, or use NetBanking for direct transfers. This is the preferred method as the money is credited into our account instantly.

    For any help: See This.

  2. Instant IMPS (Immediate Payment Service):
    Use our State Bank of India (SBI) account number and IFSC code. IMPS can be used on any platform -- Mobile, Internet and ATM across any bank in India. This is also a preferred method as the money is transferred immediately.

    For our bank account details: Please click here.

  3. Online NEFT Transfer:
    You can use Net Banking for NEFT transfers to our State Bank of India (SBI) account.

    Our system will NOT take you to a payment gateway after Registration. You will have to use your Bank's portal to add us as a beneficiary and then transfer the money online. Adding our account can take upto 2-days time.

    For our bank account details: Please click here.

  4. Cheque Deposit:
    Write a cheque in our name and drop it in the "drop-box" of any local State Bank of India (SBI) branch in your city/town. DO NOT PAY BY CASH.

    For full details: Please click here.

Category You Pay Effective Rate
1-Week Trial: Rs. 500/-

For 5-working-days

Rs. 1,000/-

per month

Rs. 2,700/- Rs. 900/-

per month

Rs. 4,800/- Rs. 800/-

per month

Rs. 7,200/- Rs. 600/-

per month

Please see the Membership Details page for explanation of above.

Fees given above are inclusive of all taxes and levies.

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If you are having problems sending this form, send
your payment details by SMS to our HelpLine numbers:

9674873141  -OR-  8697344733

You can simply forward the same SMS that you have received
from your Bank on successful transfer of funds.